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August 20, 2018



“[Warehouses] serve as storage and staging areas for a variety of different industries, and just like in the industries they serve, employee safety should be paramount.”


Developing a culture of safety should always be the number one priority in your facility, and the article below provides an amazing, easy to read infographic on ways to make your facility safer with addressing solutions to the top ten OSHA safety hazards found.  Check it out below:


However, to begin, knowing why you want your facility to be safe, and understanding the benefits of a culture of safety, is the first step before implementing the techniques in the article.


Why do I want my facility to be safe?


The best answer to this question is to take care of your most valuable asset, your team.  A safe facility drives employees to higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness within their processes.  Furthermore, a safe facility boosts morale, keeps employees on the line, and reassures to your team that their health will always come first.


What benefits come from having a culture of safety?


Developing a culture of safety will result in many benefits to your organization.  To name a few, benefits that result from implementing a culture of safety would include:


  • Creating Employee Centered Culture

  • Gaining Efficient Processes

  • Reducing Number of Injuries

  • Lowering Workers Compensation Cost

  • Eliminating OSHA Compliance Fines

  • Increasing Employee Productivity

  • Eliminating Need For Constant Hiring/Training

  • Raising Employee Retention Rates


Above, you see eight benefits from a culture of safety, and I could name one hundred more benefits as the list never stops.  The point is that developing a culture of safety will create immediate, and long-term, benefits for your facility, and it starts with your action and desire to implement this culture into your facility.


Chase’s call to action?


Go out today and discuss with your management team, safety team, executive team, risk management provider, compliance safety provider, and any other stakeholders that can influence safety on your current processes in place, and ask them one question.  What have we done in the past to make our facility safer, what are we doing today to develop a culture of safety, and what are the S.M.A.R.T. goals in place for safety that we are working toward? 


Check out the article below for an amazing, easy to read graphic on tips & tricks to make your facility safer:




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