Action + Desire + Failure = Success

August 5, 2018


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill


Failure, by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the omission of occurrence or performance; or a lack of success; or a falling short.  In laymen's terms, failure is coming short of your expectation, missing the perfect opportunity, or making a decision that does not lead to the expected outcome of success.  Failure can look, feel, sound, and encompass various forms; however, we all know what failure truly feels like...


Failure makes you feel sad, feel discouraged, and sometimes can make you feel hurt.  Most of the time, you look at your failure to compare against others.  If your failure is worse than others, then, as humans, you will naturally think your performance is lacking to the status quo.  The worst part?  Failure is not an if, it is a when.  You will fail, you will make the wrong decision, and you will come short of your expectation.  Failure is inevitable, and failure will come to you.  However, in my opinion, failure is the best gift that humans were ever granted...


Why?  Because failure is the prescription to success.  You must fail in life to succeed, and you must take action to fail.  Therefore, taking action will directly coordinate to the courage to either fail or succeed.  When you take the action, you are doing so for your desire to succeed.  In the process, you take the action to attempt, and coordinate, the process in the hope to meet your expectation of success.  However, in that process, failure will happen and the key to a successful person is the ability to handle the failure, and learn from failure. 


When you have the capacity to modify your actions after you fail to then execute the action to lead to success, then you have either developed, or received, an exceptional personality trait.  If not, then don't worry, you can always learn, and practice, on failing, accepting the fail, and taking the fail to success.  Think of a Major League Baseball (MLB) Player hitting the ball, and taking an at-bat.  If a MLB Player hits three out of ten of the baseballs constantly at bat, then they have a great shot of going into the Hall of Fame.  Why?  Because those seven times of failure has allowed the player to modify/adapt his swing to succeed three times.  This is a perfect analogy to look at success in your life....


You will fail much more than you succeed, and when you do, remember the baseball player.  You only need to succeed a little bit, to make all of the failure pay off.  Therefore, when your desire to met your goal, causes you to take action, then don't be afraid to fail.  In fact, fail like you have never failed before, but just remember one thing.  Learn. Learn. Learn from your failures, so you can keep modifying your action that will lead to success. 


If you need to, come back to this article, day after day, hour after hour, or minute after minute to always remember that you are going to fail to succeed.  Go out and rock your day today, and keep moving forward in your vision for success.  Always Chase Success, and stay strong in your desires each and every day.

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