Chasing Success: The Basics 101

September 13, 2017


Welcome to Chasing Success! Welcome to my ongoing story of events, ideas, memories, experiences, and much, much more about my environment that I surround myself in everyday! This is a place that I will write for the sole mission to influence you on your path to success, and give you some tips from my perspective of the paths to reach success in various aspects of life!

This "first" story is called the Basics 101, much like syllabus week in college, that I will go over the format, schedule, and information on what the Chasing Success Series will entail for many years to come. This will take you through what to expect through each and every one of my stories, so get ready!

Each of Chasing Success's stories will be directly to the point. Whether that is a sentence explaining the topic of that story, or a essay with five paragraphs. The goal is to not waste your time, give you the information you are looking for, and provide insight on the story of that week in a extremely concise format. I will be writing to you, my reader, and not a third person format. I believe in developing a relationship and developing true connection with all of my readers, including yourself.

The best part of syllabus week, getting to mark the days of your upcoming test on your calendar! Okay, maybe not the best part, but is the best part of the Chasing Success Series! This is when you get to learn my schedule of sharing my stories with you! I will be sharing a story every Monday or Tuesday of each week, if not twice a week then I will release another story on Friday too. All the stories will be over matters that are located in the "information" section below. This is very important to me to keep a constant flow of reading worthy stories for readers like you with topics changing each week on success. This schedule will stay true to my stories, so expect at least 52 stories a year from yours truly!

The following may be very broad, but I will try to narrow it down the best I can! I will start each story with "Chasing Success: (Insert Story Title Here)". For each title I want to give you a quick, detailed couple of words over what the story will contain. Each week I will write about mainly the following topics: social media strategies, business development, marathon training advise, success in personal/professional aspects of life, fun tips for success/growth, personal development, recent experiences in my life, tips on goal planning, and other success orientated topics. To summarize, I will touch a little bit on every subject in the dictionary but will focus my stories on ways to improve your success in every aspect of life. Lastly, this will be my stories, not my "blogs". Every bit of information will be something that has personally touched me in some way to connect with the matter through my own experiences. I believe in sharing those stories with each of you throughout my Chasing Success Series to show you my perspective of the topics that mean most to you!

I want to personally thank you for joining me on my first official story to share with you! Be looking for my next upcoming story very soon! Got a recommendation? Let me know! Will always consider writing a story about what you, my readers, are wanting to know about. Get ready to dive in, subscribe below! 

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